The members of the band are professional musicians also playing and recording with top artists so sometimes the line up can be flexible, but generally speaking if you go to see Chris Bevington & Friends you are very likely to see the following musicians on stage:

The Chris Bevington Organisation band and Guest Artists

Chris Bevington Bassist Chris Bevington: Bass
Scott Ralph Scott Ralph: Vocals & Guitar
Jim Kirkpatrick Jim Kirkpatrick: Vocals & Guitar
George Glover George Glover: Keyboards & Vocals
Jamie Bannister Jamie Bannister: Sax
Adrian Gibson Adrian Gibson: Trumpet
Andy Carr Andy Carr: Drums
Sarah Miller Sarah Miller: Backing Vocals
Kate Robinson Kate Robinson: Backing Vocals
Robert Hart Robert Hart: Vocals
Rebecca Downes Rebecca Downes: Vocals
Pete Frampton Pete Frampton: Guitars
Chris Aldridge Chris Aldridge: tenor/AltoSax/Clarenet
Fluff Fluff: Strings
Steve Overland Steve Overland: Vocals