About the Chris Bevington Organisation

Chris Bevington & friends have had a great 2016 so far and their reputation has helped them to establish the band as a top Professional Blues Band.

The aim of 2016 was to promote the second album “Better Start Cookin” to a wider audience and hopefully attract more friends along the way.

The highlights have been the support of Paul Jones BBC Radio 2 and the great Airplay he has given us as well as that, we have loved playing at some of the best Festivals in the UK and appearing at The Upton , Cambridge and Colne Festivals has been a fantastic Experience

The planning for Album Number 3 has already started and we hope to start very soon and the involvement and Song writing abilities of Jim Kirkpatrick and Scott Ralph is sure to build upon the great feedback we have received for Album No 2, so for us all , it’s very exciting times.

We are also planning a few changes for 2017 and the first one is to change the Band name to reflect the contribution of all the Band members, so we will be changing to the Chris Bevington Organisation and this will become the primary name but I am sure Chris Bevington & Friends will still be known amongst the Blues World.

We have a solid Band of Top Musicians and this is the basis that makes the band very special and we are all so looking forward to 2017.